It is simple, it is easy, it is friendly, it is fascinating, it is fair and most of all it is fun.
The 16,000 NCRS members are dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of Corvette automobiles. Judging is held at the chapter level, then Regionals and finally yearly at Nationals. Ratings are based on cars being as representative as possible of how the marque left the factory.  Points are given for originality as well as condition. Those cars receiving a score of 94 out of 100 op higher are awarded the honor of a "Top Flight" rating.
Owners do not compete against one another, but rather against a meticulous set of criteria as their cars are being judged at NCRS meets. Cooperation and fellowship are encouraged within NCRS since ownersd are not competing for "Best of Show" etc.
There are members who never drive their cars but pull them around on trailers, and others who chance their fully restored beauties flat out up the hill against the clock.
One thing unites us -
fascination with the way it was when it left the factory.
Special Collection May 98/99 in Hofheim/Taunus ECCC

Special Collection June 98/99/2000 in München Corvette-Club-Bayern

NCRS Flight 2000 United Kingdom Chapter
Sep 2000 in Kent near Maidstone south east of London

Pictures of
NCRS UK Flight 2001
more pics NCRS UK Flight 2001

Top Flight 1971 sunflower yellow Convertible LT-1
Top Flight 1978 Pace Car
Congratulations to Helmut Veidt
First Duntov Award Corvette in Europe
1963 silver Split Window Fuel Injection Corvette
Club Corvette Sweden Judging in Borgholm, Öland
June 1999  25th Anniversary

Hofheim 99
judging in Germany
Special Collection 99
Special Collection 2000
Top Flight LT1
judging in the UK
Duntov Award
Helmut´s `63 in front of the NCM
judging in Sweden
Sweden 99