Towing the ´57 in style
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We know them from American movies. The Pickups loaded with straw and sacks, driving through the long straight roads of the American Midwest.
Like in the passenger car production big long lasting engines were needed.
The six cylinder engine was constructed in 1929 and was still available 34 years later.
The first Corvette was powered by this engine in 1953.
1941 to 1945 no Pickups were delivered to private customers. The production started again in 1946.
Pre war Pickups are very rare today. This truck was found in the United States years ago. It is  - as far as I know - the only 40`Chevrolet Pickup in Europe.
Chevrolet Pickup Truck
Light Delivery 1/2 ton Modell KC
zylinder...............straight six
horsepower..........85 HP @ 3400 RPM
transmission.........4-speed (doubleclutch)
price......................$ 572.-
This is my `40 pickup 1/2 ton light delivery truck, model KC. I purchased it ten years ago in Florida while I was on vacation. Actually I wanted to buy a truck for work, but suddenly I saw the`40 on the other side of the road and I fell in love with it. I had to have it !
The sun is always shining in Florida. It´s very hot and you don`t know exactly what you are doing ! I asked the owner if the truck is for sale, made a test drive, bought it, put it in a closed container the same day and shipped it to Germany ! Back home in Europe I had to wait 2 long month to get the new "work truck".
The truck was original restored 216,5 cu. in. straight six, 4-speed, but it wasn´t a perfect restauration. After the first trip from the harbor to my home (300 miles) I realized that I had to work a little on the carburetor and on the front axle (brakes and steering).
After this "second restauration" I used the pickup as a daily driver. I noticed that it is not easy to drive every day with double clutch, without power brakes, power steering, AC and with a hard suspension. The biggest problem is that it is a little bit colder in Germany and it rains a little bit more than in Florida. Driving in the cold rain without a heater and a fan and with a vacuum operated windshield wiper is very exciting !
I decided not to drive it in the cold German weather, so I needed a garage. The only place was in the back of my mother´s garden under a big cherry tree. The problem was the little pool in front of it. After long discussions we came to terms that I had to build a wooden bridge over the pool (Route 66) and a wooden garage under the tree. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I carried all the stones and the wood with my `40 pickup. Finally I named the self-made garage "MARTIN´S RANCH".
Today I drive the old truck on the weekend only, but I still have a lot of fun. I entered in a couple of shows around Europe and got a lot of trophies. Everybody loves the pickup. The truck is very rare. I think it is the only original restored `40 pickup in Europe.
These old Chevy trucks are designed for the load and powered for the pull. Therefore , I use it today to carry my old `28 Harley Davidson (74 cu. in./pocket valve) and if my old `Vette (283 cu. in. 245 hp) isn´t running I tow the `57 in style.
That´s my very personalized version of the American Dream. If I retire someday, my only desire is to travel across the USA in my own old Chevrolet truck.
My Version of the "American Dream"
Pickups´n Panels In Print   Volume 12  Number 7  January 2001
The parcels in the cover photo are installed over a grain elevator, where I worked years ago, by an artist in my hometown. The word "Peace" is written on every parcel in 100 different languages.
My 40´Pick Up Truck found a new home in the neighbourhood
Route 66
Jos and Kora´s 51
building the route 66
summer 1999
circa 1995 in Osnabrück
spring 1996
Christian´s 53
cover of the magazine Januar 2001
Januar 2001 page 3